Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes You’re Making

As a once Personal Trainer in California, I have witnessed the struggles people face while on their weight loss journey. I am so excited to share what I believe to be the biggest mistakes people are making and I hope this helps some of you who may be struggling with weight loss now!

You ready? Let’s GO!

#1. FAD DIETS – gosh, I HATE these

Just stop! Stop, Stop, STOP! Do you ever wonder why you don’t lose any weight with the diet you’re on? Or when you stop this diet, before you can even properly congratulate yourself for losing that 10lbs, you gain it all back, plus some!

HNU TIP: make a LIFESTYLE change! I mean it! Make a change that you can MAINTAIN! Most importantly, make a change that is HEALTHY!

Stop doing these fast 30/60/90 day diets– these are not what we should be doing to our bodies, AT ALL! Change your mindset and start eliminating foods here and there and then replace those foods with healthier choices!

Stop dieting, Periodttt!


Yep! You heard me right; a lot of people are eating too little and its actually causing weight GAIN! While I was a Personal Trainer in California, I saw this more than anything!

True story: I had a male client and he wanted to lose body fat, gain muscle, and tone up all together. I would train him 3x a week and he would kill it with strength training and cardio but I noticed his body fat was starting to go up! He was so thrilled to see the number on the scale going down but was discouraged to see the body fat percentage increasing. I found out that my client was barely eating. He was skipping meals, eating less and less, on top of working out more. In the end, he was depriving his body of the calories it needs, losing muscle mass and slowing down his metabolism even more.

HNU TIP: EAT! Eat more frequently throughout the day. Try including 3 small meals and 3 small snacks! More Frequently-Smaller portion size. Make sure you’re getting the proper amount of daily calories your body NEEDS. It is important you are getting enough fuel and protein with how active you are as well.


Not just any goals but realistic goals! SET YOURSELF UP TO SUCCEED!

How are you suppose to achieve results when you aren’t actively setting goals? Goal setting is so important and is especially important in our weight loss journeys!

HNU TIP: Write down these goals! It’s pretty amazing what writing down what your goals are and looking at the words you wrote does to our mentality to get them done! Start with short term goals and work your way to long term. But my biggest tip is to make both Behavioral Goals and Outcome Goals.

Do you know the difference between the two? Behavioral Goals are more important in the process than Outcome Goals are. Behavioral Goals– Goals that you can control and can be measured. Outcome Goals– Goals that we want at the end of the process.

Example: Outcome Goal: “I want to lose 10lbs.” Behavioral Goal: “I wont eat fast food this entire month, I’ll make it to the gym 2x a week, and I’ll drink more water.”

See the difference!? It’ll make a huge difference at the end of the month when you step on the scale and see that you didn’t lose 10lbs but you know why. You maybe didn’t follow through with your Behavioral Goals (ate fast food 3 times this week instead of 1, went to the gym 4 times this month instead of 12) and you will know what to do to hit your Outcome Goal. Being realistic and deciding what goals work best for YOU is so important because you don’t want to set yourself for failure, you want to set yourself up for success!!!

Go at your own pace, set your own goals, and EAT!

At the end of the day, remember ladies, you’re beautiful & you got this!!!

I would absolutely love to hear from you! Don’t be afraid to leave comments with your thoughts and opinions! If you ever need advice on your weight loss struggles hit that Let’s Talk button on the home page!


Xo, Heather Nicole U


THE Secret to Your “Perfect” Body

The secret that no one is talking about to get that sexy body you’ve been dying to have is truly just one thing. If I tell you what that one thing is, you have to promise you won’t tell anyone. Pinky promise? Okay.

Well, that one thing is Self Love.What is Self Love?

In my eyes, it means you are generally taking a break from self-judgement. You have regard for one’s well-being and overall happiness.

I have found that many women are too busy comparing themselves to others and that is what is determining their happiness and fulfillment with their body image. We have been comparing ourselves to what we see on Instagram, Facebook, and the latest tv shows.

We are too busy trying to look exactly like Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian that we forgot what self love truly is.

Don’t get me wrong- those women are so beautiful to me; and looking up to them or finding things about their image that you’d like to have as well is not what I am saying is wrong. It’s when we take it to the extreme and it alters the way you look and feel about yourself in the mirror.

If we stopped comparing ourselves to others and competing with others, we would be able to see the true beauty with what we already have. We don’t need to be a size 24 waist to be beautiful. We don’t need to be a perfect hourglass to be seen as sexy. And you most definitely don’t need those things to be confident.

I have been guilty as well with not finding myself to be “perfect” enough or comparing myself to those women around me and telling myself “I don’t look as beautiful as they do.” I’ve stopped myself from wearing that dress, buying those jeans and have even decided not to go to that party. But why?! Why are we doing this to ourselves?

I have found that I am much sexier and much more attractive when I have confidence and better yet when I am different. I love my red hair. It may not be for everyone. Blonde balayage may be what’s trendier, prettier, the safer choice right now but I love my red hair.

The same goes with our bodies. The secret to your perfect body is to decide what is perfect to you – what YOU want for yourself. When you look in the mirror what makes you smile? Most importantly, when you look in that mirror, you should love what is looking back at you.

You only have ONE body. So stop being so harsh to it. Love it. Love it entirely and all its imperfections. Let yourself feel good. If you have some things you want to work on, you still need to respect yourself.

When I say respect yourself, I mean treat your body right.

  • Eat healthy – I was told once, you can control two things in life and that’s 1.) What you put in your mouth and 2.) What comes out of your mouth. Truly eating healthy is not only going to make you look better, you’re going to FEEL better. Make a lifestyle change and give your body nutrients that it needs and what it’ll thank you for.
  • Exercise – always stay active. This is not only good for your physical appearance but for your mental as well. Take 30 minutes out of the day and go on a walk or go to the gym to decompress. Your body and mind will thank you for it.
  • Dress up – in a way that makes you feel good. In clothes that fit you NOW.

And most importantly..

  • Confront your body
  • – talk to yourself in the mirror; tell yourself what you would like to see change but more importantly, with what you love about your body.

Erase the images of all the media personalities you want to look like. Go be naked. Yes, naked! And tell yourself, “I am beautiful“! Compliment your thick frizzy hair, your long skinny pale legs you tend to hide even in the dead heat of summer, the junk in the trunk (your momma gave ya) or the tiny hiney that you’re workin with. Maybe it’s the freckles that are normally hidden under all that foundation or the stretch marks across your belly from the baby you carried for 9 months (who looks more like daddy than you). Those once perky breasts that now look like asymmetric, tea bags that fed your baby for a whole year. Tell each part how much you love it. How much you appreciate it. And take care of it. With Self Love.

Now go do what makes you feel beautiful.

Eat that last donut, but remember your body loves a good salad just as much. Go compete in the next bikini or figure competition; who says women with muscle aren’t sexy? Let your face be naked every once and awhile, but kill it with your makeup the next day because you just love the way it makes you feel.Go to the gym and get the booty of your dreams. Dress sexy and believe you are.

Most importantly, GO LOVE YOURSELF!

You’ll look sexier than ever,

Go on wit cha bad self!

Xo, Heather Nicole U

Journey into Motherhood

I know blogs aren’t really for story telling. So I won’t do this very often, but I’d like to be vulnerable with you all. I’d like you to know who I am on a little more personal level.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What is my PURPOSE in life? Maybe it’s to create music. Maybe it’s to teach. Maybe it’s to just be the best version of yourself.”


Well, my answer has always been, “To be a mom”. I absolutely, wholeheartedly knew I was put on this earth to be a mom. Corny, right? Well, it’s the honest truth.

So if you don’t mind, I am going to open up to you all a little bit and tell you a little about my journey in becoming a mother.

My Purpose

At 23, I was told I have endometriosis, which is a painful disease that effects 1 in 10 women in reproductive age. I was told if I don’t start trying to get pregnant, sooner than later, I should just know the consequences (which could possibly be not being able to get pregnant).

It may not have been the most “perfect” time in our lives… we just moved across the country, just bought a house, weren’t married but we knew we wanted a nothing more but to start a family together.

A Few Months Later

I remember thinking, “I feel pregnant! I know I am!!!” I decided to take a pregnancy test. Side note – I think I was addicted to taking pregnancy tests

If I close my eyes I can still see this moment. There was a faint second line and I was just in awe. I immediately started touching my belly thinking “Wow, there is a baby in here. My baby. Our baby.” I didn’t want to tell Chris just yet. I wanted to surprise him. To be sure, the next day I took another test; only this time, the results seemed just as faint as the day before; but it was still there! I could see it! We were having a baby!!! I immediately ran to the store and picked out the cutest baby Converse shoes I have had ever seen and had them sitting out for the new daddy-to-be when he got home! I recorded his reaction and I probably watched the video of us hugging and kissing 1000x. That moment was perfect


I felt so motherly already, touching my belly, coming up with names, looking up ways to surprise our family but you know, something felt off. The pregnancy tests I was taking every day never seemed to get darker, only seemed to stay faint. So I decided to get blood work and I remember thinking something was wrong. A day later I was sent my blood work results; I was pregnant but in the middle of a miscarriage. The pain was tremendous.

I remember thinking, “How? I am a healthy, young woman. This should be easy; my body is meant to do this.” Chris held me for nights as I just cried and felt so defeated. I remember getting notifications from my pregnancy apps telling what fruit my baby was this week. I was heartbroken.

My doctor recommended I give my body a break for a month.

THAT MONTH – oh, that month

Well, believe it or not I was still peeing on pregnancy sticks like it was my dang job.

I told myself “Heather, why are you peeing on this right now? There is no way you’re pregnant. This was the month we shouldn’t be trying.” Well, there I was…peeing anyway.

And the first line pops up and I knew there couldn’t be a second line. There was no way.

30 seconds later…there was a faint, faint, faint purple second line. SECOND LINE!


I sat in the bathroom, held it up to the light, stared at it for minutes as if it would disappear. It just couldn’t be real, but it never went away. I went out to the kitchen holding this pregnancy test behind my back and walked up to Chris. I remember this moment so clear. I looked at him and said, “Babe, will you look at this for me?” He held the pregnancy test up to his face (probably annoyed because this is the 175th pregnancy test he had examined). Guys! I WAS PREGNANT! How was this possible?! This time the line got darker and darker. But I’ll tell you what, every doctors visit never got less nerve wracking. A little flickering dot on the screen turned to a dancing gummy bear, then to the most beautiful sound I have ever heard – the heartbeat! Magical. There I was, it took me 7 months, but I was pregnant with a baby girl.

Most moms don’t talk about their journey to becoming the mom that they are. For some, it was an easy process. For others, there may have been some really hard struggles along their journey.

It may be a hard day today. You may feel like you’ll never achieve what your going for, but don’t ever give up. It is worth the journey. But don’t ever be afraid to share your journey. Most importantly, don’t ever be ashamed of your journey. You may be surprised how many other people have had similar trials as you.

So ask yourself, “What is your purpose in life? What is your why?” As I hold my baby girl at 15 months, I some days just stare at her and cry. She is a dream come true, she is my purpose.

If anyone ever needs to talk about the struggles they are having or have had on their journey, I am more than happy to talk and listen. Miscarriage is taboo but it doesn’t need to be. We learn, grow, process our hurt, heal our wounds each time we share our stories. I have learned most of all how precious life truly is, and how absolutely beautiful our bodies truly are.

Xo Heather Nicole U

Today is officially the birthdate of

Heather Nicole U!

I’ve decided that I wanted to start this blog to journal my life for my family, friends, and new friends to follow.

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I am Heather Nicole (soon to be) Unice. I am a stay-at-home mommy to a beautiful little girl, fiancé to my high school sweetheart, fitness addict, & aspiring interior decorator. I was born and raised in Ohio. After graduating from Ohio Univeristy with my BA in Psychology, I took on what I thought then was the biggest adventure of my life — I was on my way to California with the love of my life, Chris. Soon after we moved, we felt like something was missing in our lives so we adopted a handsome Swiss Shepherd and named him Balto. He was immediately a part of our family and truly our little baby. But, little did I know our whole life would change a few years later when we bought our first home outside of LA. We were overwhelmed with a feeling of accomplishment; at just 23 we moved across the country together, adopted a dog together and bought a beautiful home in California together. We felt on top of the world. Nothing could give us this type of high that we were on. Boy, was I wrong. A little over a year after buying our home we found out that we were about to fill one of the empty rooms with the most beautiful little girl. In December, 2017 we welcomed Aria Viviana to this world and our lives have never felt more complete. Now this — this was the biggest adventure yet.

Months later, we got news Chris was offered a position in Las Vegas, Nevada and as a family we could not pass up this opportunity. So there we were packing up boxes in our first home together; seeing California in our rear view mirror was definitely a bittersweet moment. We left our first home, our daughters first home, our daughters only home she has ever had, the place she learned to roll over, to crawl, to say “Mama” and “Dada, ”but at the same time we couldn’t be more excited to see what was to come.

Here we are today, a family of 3 (4, including Mr. Balto) in our second home, in a beautiful city outside of Las Vegas. I am ENGAGED to the love of my life! (I’ll tell you that story later & it’s a good one.)

I wake up everyday and think “Wow, I am blessed” — I am blessed to have a healthy, beautiful, smart little girl as my daughter. I am blessed to wake up in house that we have made into a home. I am blessed to be building this empire with my best friend who is also my FIANCÉ.

I can’t wait to document all the overwhelming, exciting, emotional parts of my life. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on motherhood, interior design, fitness, and lots of in between! & I’ll be drinking reheated coffee while I do so. Welcome to my world.

Xo Heather Nicole U