THE Secret to Your “Perfect” Body

The secret that no one is talking about to get that sexy body you’ve been dying to have is truly just one thing. If I tell you what that one thing is, you have to promise you won’t tell anyone. Pinky promise? Okay.

Well, that one thing is Self Love.What is Self Love?

In my eyes, it means you are generally taking a break from self-judgement. You have regard for one’s well-being and overall happiness.

I have found that many women are too busy comparing themselves to others and that is what is determining their happiness and fulfillment with their body image. We have been comparing ourselves to what we see on Instagram, Facebook, and the latest tv shows.

We are too busy trying to look exactly like Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian that we forgot what self love truly is.

Don’t get me wrong- those women are so beautiful to me; and looking up to them or finding things about their image that you’d like to have as well is not what I am saying is wrong. It’s when we take it to the extreme and it alters the way you look and feel about yourself in the mirror.

If we stopped comparing ourselves to others and competing with others, we would be able to see the true beauty with what we already have. We don’t need to be a size 24 waist to be beautiful. We don’t need to be a perfect hourglass to be seen as sexy. And you most definitely don’t need those things to be confident.

I have been guilty as well with not finding myself to be “perfect” enough or comparing myself to those women around me and telling myself “I don’t look as beautiful as they do.” I’ve stopped myself from wearing that dress, buying those jeans and have even decided not to go to that party. But why?! Why are we doing this to ourselves?

I have found that I am much sexier and much more attractive when I have confidence and better yet when I am different. I love my red hair. It may not be for everyone. Blonde balayage may be what’s trendier, prettier, the safer choice right now but I love my red hair.

The same goes with our bodies. The secret to your perfect body is to decide what is perfect to you – what YOU want for yourself. When you look in the mirror what makes you smile? Most importantly, when you look in that mirror, you should love what is looking back at you.

You only have ONE body. So stop being so harsh to it. Love it. Love it entirely and all its imperfections. Let yourself feel good. If you have some things you want to work on, you still need to respect yourself.

When I say respect yourself, I mean treat your body right.

  • Eat healthy – I was told once, you can control two things in life and that’s 1.) What you put in your mouth and 2.) What comes out of your mouth. Truly eating healthy is not only going to make you look better, you’re going to FEEL better. Make a lifestyle change and give your body nutrients that it needs and what it’ll thank you for.
  • Exercise – always stay active. This is not only good for your physical appearance but for your mental as well. Take 30 minutes out of the day and go on a walk or go to the gym to decompress. Your body and mind will thank you for it.
  • Dress up – in a way that makes you feel good. In clothes that fit you NOW.

And most importantly..

  • Confront your body
  • – talk to yourself in the mirror; tell yourself what you would like to see change but more importantly, with what you love about your body.

Erase the images of all the media personalities you want to look like. Go be naked. Yes, naked! And tell yourself, “I am beautiful“! Compliment your thick frizzy hair, your long skinny pale legs you tend to hide even in the dead heat of summer, the junk in the trunk (your momma gave ya) or the tiny hiney that you’re workin with. Maybe it’s the freckles that are normally hidden under all that foundation or the stretch marks across your belly from the baby you carried for 9 months (who looks more like daddy than you). Those once perky breasts that now look like asymmetric, tea bags that fed your baby for a whole year. Tell each part how much you love it. How much you appreciate it. And take care of it. With Self Love.

Now go do what makes you feel beautiful.

Eat that last donut, but remember your body loves a good salad just as much. Go compete in the next bikini or figure competition; who says women with muscle aren’t sexy? Let your face be naked every once and awhile, but kill it with your makeup the next day because you just love the way it makes you feel.Go to the gym and get the booty of your dreams. Dress sexy and believe you are.

Most importantly, GO LOVE YOURSELF!

You’ll look sexier than ever,

Go on wit cha bad self!

Xo, Heather Nicole U

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