About Me

These are always awkward to write.

If you couldn’t have already guessed I am Heather Nicole almost Unice. I am taking the last name of my high school sweetheart, Christopher! & on our wedding day we will have the most beautiful flower girl, our daughter, Aria.

I am 25, trying to figure out the perfect balance between motherhood, being the best fiancé, not looking like I just rolled out of bed every single day, and having time to drink my full cup of coffee before I have to reheat it.

My every day looks like me running in circles, chasing a toddler from room to room trying to have the house clean at the end of the day (that’s a funny concept), getting an hour or two of gym/sanity time, rushing to make dinner, but always finding the time to redesign a room of our house.

I can’t wait to share my life with you all!

Xoxo Heather Nicole U